Why Hello garden?

The perennial plants of Hello Garden, recognizable by the square blue pot, are just one size bigger than other perennials. They therefore grow quickly into a big cloud of flowers!

Why perennials?

  • They provide a colourful garden or pots on the balcony and terrace.
  • They are easy to plant and don’t need much care.
  • The flourish very richly and exist in all colours.
  • They seem to die every fall, but return even stronger next spring!
  • They cover the ground very well and therefore you won’t be bothered by weeds very much.
  • They stimulate biodiversity.


  • Put the right plants in the right place (8 plants per square meter).
  • Use a good soil improvement agent.
  • Remove all weeds consequently in the beginning.
  • Within a few month, the plants will grow dense and weeds will have less opportunity.
  • Cut the perennials in March (after the first year) completely down to the ground.
  • Fertilize the plants immediately after cutting and the plants will grow dense very shortly.